Thursday, November 24, 2011

27 Zulhijjah 1432H

A big thanks for all the wishes via facebook, sms and phone calls..

I'm gonna be a big girl..The barrier is broken and now I'm getting old, but my heart feels by O_O

A big pain start when i wake up this morning, my mum keep calling me around 6.51 a.m for the best du'a for me, my father nak jugak mencelah, i'm the one yang just keep silent...My acik pun ada call jugak 7.21 a.m, time nak pegi keje and macam biasa my bro wishes yang paling lambat, around 10.50 a.m..My adik, still in SPM mode, so no calling-calling this time...I'm so blessed..Having around a great family...Nothing can be compared to this.Around 11.45 a.m, saya sudah start untuk tido to relief the pain..bangun2 sudah 2.40 p.m..The alarm keeps yelling at me, but saya tiada kudrat nak bangun..Ujian dari Allah..

Now, I must prepare for next final presentation...which carry out 40% for each individuals..Sangat2 banyak marks kat situ..So,must have strength mentally, physically and spiritually untuk hadapi hari-hari mendatang..Hari ni sudah separuh hari I'm not working on that...The pain sangat2 kuat..

pictures from fb..There are lots of motivation words out there..

p/s: I told you trust no one...Please put ur trust hanya pada Allah...I already experienced a lot from something that happened to me...few months ago...hihi...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let Me Brief

After a long-hiatus , i'm gonna like low-tide elevations which rocks, or reefs that are exposed at low tide but submerged at high tide....So, basically it cannot sustain human habitation or economic life...even we cannot generate Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)...

InsyaAllah, i will update slowly..Since there are a lot of presentations next week, i feel like my head is spinning, my eyes out of sockets..I tell you, to fight for indigenous peoples are not easy..To study deeply about the sea, UNCLOS itself also not an easier jobs...Tomorrow will be a seminar on IP...Need to go there and makes some homework before interviewing that respondents....

Moga Allah bagi ilham pada my adik for her SPM exams..Ameen~