Monday, May 14, 2012

Its Gross

The first time i saw the Time mag cover..."Its Gross"..This person might be crazy or i will say idiot..The Time magazine, my favourite mag for years back show the intimate image of a mom breastfeeding her 3 year old son..And ape yang menyebabkan i'm really shocked after that is the Newsweek mag cover...Also my favourite for years till now..Its about US President Barack Obama with a rainbow halo on his head...The cover read The First Gay President...

Tak tahu apa nak jadi dengan dunia hari ini..Takut dengan ape yang bakal berlaku for next 5 or 10 years forward..How come one of the most influential leader desperately support this gay marriage..Even yang tulis pasal Obama dalam Newsweek, Andrew Sullivan adalah seorang gay...

P/S: Banyak merepek tapi kerja belum siap...Ok, mulakan dengan baca bismillah dan doa belajar...Happy Mothers Day to all mommies out there...Its really special to be a mom...And this is the Shabi Well...Telaga Saad Abi Waqqas di Guangzhou, China...Ini signboard dia..

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