Monday, August 2, 2010

I Love My Mother

There is an entry on 27 July 2010 about my mom..but unfortunately, i couldn't post it due to certain reason..Actually,my mom plays an important role to me until now in order to face this harsh world. On 27 July ,it is my lovely mom birthday..the night before 27 July is Nisfu Syaaban...may Allah give His bless to my only mum in this world..At that night, i actually attend one big event organised by UMT MPP..It just called as "Ceramah Gaza" by Pakcik Jamil Muda..I knew him as my father's friend and his wife also my mom's friend.So, because that night i'm rushing to go there, i just called my mom and wished her "happy birthday" and hope her body still healthy until i got married, has a lot of they even can play with my mom (their grandma)haha..i'm dreaming too much at that time i also asked mom, her age..whether it means something to her..she replied to me that, its just a number and it never decrease but always increase year by year..don't feel bad about that..just face your life as yourself and obey is more than enough..benar-benar jatuh pada hari yang baikkan..

If the internet connection goes well, i will upload my mum photo..the latest one..

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