Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm on it..

Upcoming Tuesday is my test on Civil Procedure..Just like any test before, i make some effort to tackle the Question thoroughly..Busy as always, i try to spend more time reciting Quran as well as i can in this month...Hopefully, it will remain as my priority every day not only for this holy month...At the same time, i'm trying to polish my skill and ability to pronounce the ayat correctly as Sheikh Al-Ghamidi (just put ur aim like that)..haha..

Ketika my bro buat umrah sekitar tahun 2008 pada bulan Ramadhan, dia solah terawih or tahajjud with Sheikh Shuraim as Imam there..he just calling me instance to ensure i heard Shuraim voice as Imam...What a lucky day..teruja sangat..suaranya cukup mendayu-dayu menghayati setiap bait-bait ayat al-Quran..Benar membaca,melihat dan mendengar bacaan Quran sangat menenangkan jiwa..

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