Monday, November 30, 2009

Urusan2 Tarbawy

Kita perlu hidup bersama, saling berganding bahu...baru betul!

Petang nanti, Hanisah akan fetch saya depan Pasaraya Ku..Saya ada hal sikit dalam 2 hari ni start esok...i'm busy and may be there is no update..i will come back on 3 Dis..4 Dis i'm available in Pantai Timur..Actually, this month my schedule very2 padat..7 Dis, i will be at North P.Msia..and only available in Pantai Timur on 10 Dis..and follow by a very hectic schedule in 11-16 Dis in Kelantan..i'm willing to visit my sister after all the schedule ended..please pray for me..for a safe journey..and see you again..if i'm not tired, this blog always my priority to be update..=)

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